Children's birthday party!

Children\'s birthday party!

Birthday is the most important holiday of the year. Especially in childhood, everyone is waiting for him impatiently, waking up early in anticipation of surprises, guests and birthday cake. But every year the parents have a difficult task – how to organize a birthday party that he remembered the kid and his friends? And yet I want to minimize the hassle of preparation. The answer is simple – you can hold a children's holiday in our hotel and to trust the professionals organizing, wholly or in part.

The hotel "Tavros" you can find everything you need for happy holidays:

  • We are professional entertainers that you will find the script to taste.
  • Can offer your baby a variety of creative workshops.
  • The restaurant for Your kids designed children's menu.
  • While children are having fun under the supervision of the animator of the hotel, parents can relax in the sauna, pool or restaurant.
  • The cozy rooms at an attractive price. You can not think about the time of the feast, and sit up late, and spent the night at the hotel.

Choose some or all services, and be sure that the birthday child will succeed at 100%.


Gift 1. 15% discount from the actual price birthday!

Gift 2. 10% discount from prices for all the numbers of friends of the birthday boy!

Gift 3. 10% discount on the restaurant menu!

Gift 4. 20% discount on the hire of saunas!

Saunas are popular. Therefore, it is better to book them before arrival to the hotel.

5. Billiards free of charge. Advance reservation time.


All these gifts you can receive as Birthday and +/-7 days.

Gifts 1 and 2 are only available for direct bookings.

Gifts for 3,4 and 5 only for guests with accommodation.

Book now at favourable prices.