The opening of the exhibition of wax figures

The opening of the exhibition of wax figures

Take a selfie with the characters past and present!!!

Want to say Hello to the power of the group "Leningrad"? Take a selfie with Donald trump or to please the children a picture with Smeshariki? Then you urgently need to Balaklava for the Crimean, the Exhibition of wax figures.

On the Taurian promenade in Balaklava (Sevastopol) residents and guests of the Crimea now meets Sergei Shnurov, leader of group "Leningrad". Walk by and freeze in surprise. As a living! And I want to stand by your side to sing one of his songs.

Cord welcomes you to the Exhibition of wax figures. He appeared in a Balaclava this year alone. From St. Petersburg were brought heroes past and present. All exhibition halls are made in such a way that the guests did not only make interesting pictures, but also learned more about the characters and exposition about the Balaclava. Totally, the exhibition has about 40 exhibits.

In the lower hall is occupied by "Literary drawing room", you can see Anton Chekhov, Leo Tolstoy, Anna Akhmatova, Adam Mickiewicz, Maxim Gorky. These and other well-known personalities were in the Balaclava, worked in it, left their mark on its history.

In another room are sure to be happy children. Croche, Nyusha and Losyash friendly smile to everyone who came to visit them. Next is the harsh Shrek, which adorns the wife, Fiona. Between them curiously looks around a Donkey — the most cheerful cartoon character. And, of course, not without the heroes of "Ice age". Funny Squirrel from this movie will definitely be the star of integramod all who will come to the exhibition.

The third hall is for those who are serious. Here you can take a photo with Vladimir Putin or Donald trump. They stand side by side, in our time, surprisingly, each other are not looking. If you love history, then take a photo of Mikhail Kutuzov. This commander is one of the best in the history of our country. Go past him is impossible!

Will attract the attention of the Royal family. Nicholas II with his wife and children, it seems, sat down to rest. Calm and beautiful feature of the face of the Royal family seemed to underline the humility with which these people took a cruel blow of fate. Next to them are those who then ruled the world. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin located like came to the Yalta conference. I can't believe from that moment decades have passed.

While the Exhibition of wax figures in Balaclava not as well known as other attractions of the unique area of Sevastopol. The people there are not very many, and therefore spacious, you can make any photo in any quantity. Hurry up and post the pictures in social networks that would be the envy of your subscribers.

Opening HOURS: daily from 10.00 to 19.00!

ADDRESS: Sevastopol, Balaklava, Hotel Tavros embankment embankment, 23.

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