The opening of the hotel Tavros !!!

The opening of the hotel Tavros !!!

19 July 2019, the hotel Tavros opened its doors to visitors. It offers comfortable double rooms with possibility of extra places in the very centre of Balaklava.

600 metres away under a rock Tavros is the Museum secret submarine base of the former USSR — "Object 825 GTS", and surrounding the former summer residence of a mining engineer, A. M. Zavadsky's "Fata Morgana". On the other hand 200 metres away, a hunting - Lodge of Prince Yusupov and a little further the monument to the sailor-submariner Boris Nechaev, their lives to prevent an explosion on a submarine in 1966 year., but on the contrary, on the other side of the Bay is located the beautiful waterfront nazukina, which can be reached by speed boat, where a Museum of the history of Balaklava.

At the entrance to the Bay from the sea, opposite the hotel is the medieval Fortress Chembalo (Amboli in Italian), which is the hallmark of Balaklava was built here in the fourteenth century by the Genoese on the mountain Kastron. Just below the fortress is the border house, it was filmed the movie "the Amphibian Man".

Around the same time as a fortress, a temple was built, which survived until our days and is located just above the waterfront nazukina. We are talking about the Church of the Twelve apostles, in which the relics of St. Sergius of Radonezh, St. Basil and of the Holy Martyr Clement of Rome.

At an altitude of 340 meters above sea level is the "Barrel of death" or observation point South of the Fort of Sevastopol. This object is worth to climb up for stunning sea views!

At the exit from Balaklava, in a 10-15 minute drive from the hotel, is one of the best plants of the Crimean sparkling wines "Zolotaya Balka".

Historical sites, plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, comfort rooms in our hotel – all in order to fill Your vacation with unforgettable impressions.

Hotel "Tavros", Sevastopol, Balaklava embankment embankment, 23. Inquiries by phone +7(978)554-29-15

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